Trip to England October 2007

2007 Thu 18th Oct - Classe and I left home in Karlskrona around 9.30 am.

We drove to Esbjerg in Denmark via the Íresunds bridge and the bridge across the "Store Baelt" in Denmark. We joined the queue at the ferryport where we went on the DFDS ferry "Dana Sirena" across to Harwich. We relaxed in the bar in the evening. The singer was alright. He played the guitar quite well, but did not sing in a particularly inspired way.

2007 Fri 19th Oct - As always we enjoyed the breakfast buffet onboard. We arrived in Harwich at noon English time and drove across to the Redditch area where we checked in to our hotel. The traffic was quite hectic so it took us about an hour longer than we had anticipated. I spoke with Sven on the phone and we decided to go to a pub for a drink that evening.

2007 Sat 20th Oct - Classe went on the train in to Birmingham for a tour round the book shops among other places and Sven and I went to the Festival of 1000 Classics - 3rd Classic Car Show & Spring Spare at the Three Counties Showground in Malverns, which was great for Sven who is so interested in cars of all sorts. The weather was fantastic, the sun shining from a clear blue sky.

2007 Sun 21st Oct - Classe joined us on our trip to the NEC in Birmingham where there was a toy collectors fair and we greatly enjoyed it all three of us. It's amasing what can count as collectibles.

We saw tin soldiers - old and new, teddies, dolls, trains, but the most common item to collect seems to be model cars! Sven didn't know where to turn! Another great day out in gloriuos weather.

2007 Mon 22nd Oct - Classe went in to Birmingham again, more books to hunt and a concert in the refurbished town hall to enjoy. Sven and I went to the Black Country Museum where we among other things went on a tour through the coal mines to learn all about coal mining in the area, hence the hard hat. The museum has lots of interesting buildings "populated" with people who tells you about the history of the building, very enjoyable. We also joined a canal boat trip through the mining waterways inside the hills which was very interesting.

2007 Tue 23rd Oct - The three of us went to the Thinktank Museum in Birmingham, a science museum that is very interesting, showing inventions and industrial development. The IMAX 3D cinema was quite something! We watched a Deep Sea 3D film which was an experience - you felt as if you where there under the water yourself!

2007 Wed 24th Oct - Sven spent the day with a friend and Classe and I went in to Redditch and did some shopping and had a meal in the town center.

2007 Thu 25th Oct - We went to the Cidermuseum in Hereford. What an amazing amount of different local varieties of apples there is in the area! We also learnt that cider made from pears is called perry. It was a nice little museum showing the traditional cider making in the Hereford area.

2007 Fri 26th Oct - We all went to Tesco before heading back home - there was a new game coming out for PS3 that I wanted to buy for Sven, but it had not reached the shelves yet that morning, so I gave Sven the money to buy it later that day. Then back towards Harwich for Classe and I and the return trip to Esbjerg. The singer in the bar was a lot more inspired that evening and we enjoyed his singing and guitar play. And a beer or so!

2007 Sat 27th Oct - Arrived at Esbjerg at 1pm. The roads were good and free from lorries so we were back home in Karlskrona in Karlskrona around 7pm after a very enjoyable trip.

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