Ebru Clarke

Picture of Ebru

Country: Istanbul, Turkey

Family: I am married to Michael and have a daughter named Ayse. I don't have any family of my own living in UK. They are all in Istanbul. I have one brother.

When did you come to England?

We got married in Istanbul and came to England in August 1992 but previously in 1990 I lived in Stratford upon Avon for about 10 months as an Aupair.

What did you do in your home country?

I studied Teacher Training in English at Marmara University in Istanbul. During that time I came to England as an aupair to improve my English and met my husband to be. Also I did some computer programming courses and worked part-time with my tutor for a little while before getting married and moving to England.

Do you work here?

I haven't worked since moving to Astwood Bank which was nearly two years ago. Hoping to get back to work (that I would get paid for!!) soon.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I enjoy reading, listening to music, needlecraft, decorating, surfing the web and I love cooking. My dream job is running my own cafe and cooking wonderful Turkish food and healthy options for slimmers. Who knows it might happen in the future. I used to enjoy going to the theatre and cinemas but since becoming a parent it has become almost impossible to carry on with this hobby. I still enjoy watching films on dvd and video. I also enjoy the work we do in our group. It is always full of fun, variety and helps us to use our creative side which is very rewarding.

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